Ipad monitoring software – What is the best options when it comes to tracking this table?

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woman monitors ipadIpad monitoring software is a program which runs secretly in the background of this tablet capturing certain activities unknown to the user. Its most popular uses are to keep a watchful eye on staff as well as children. Since the person is unaware they are being tracked then he or she proceeds to carry on things like business as usual. This is when you monitor their activities closely and ascertain whether the person is legit or not. All the information gathered is uploaded using an internet connection to a secure online account.

To view the account you will simply use your special code and you will have access to all of the records captured. This is done via your regular web browser so as a result you would be able to monitor the ipad from any device including a regular smart phone. Since everything is online it means that you could be out of town and still be able to know exactly what is happening. The only thing you must ensure before using these programs is that the ipad in question is jail broken and it has internet connectivity (which is usually not the problem).

Now it is a matter of simply choosing the right application and in this case you would have an option of two programs. The first ipad monitoring app is known Peektab. This is one of the first tablet spy apps to come online from the Retinax Studios. Its features include the ability to track the ipad, imessage chat; website visited; photos taken; emails; notes;  contact info and calendar events. Since its entry onto the market it has had great success and persons are especially happy to be able to track this tablet’s gps location. This is very useful especially for employers who would like to keep tabs of where their staff members are at. In that way they could truly know if the person is on company business or personal one.

The price of Peektab starts at $29.95. If you would like to know more about this tablet spy program then .

The other option which you have is known as ikeymonitor. Its features include the capability to log all keystrokes types, text messages, websites visited, passwords entered, text pasted and also periodic screen shots. It most useful feature of this ipad monitoring software is the keystroke capturing in which you see everything the person is typing. The cost starts at $49.95 for one license. If you would like more information on ikeymonitor then 

Ipad spy software-What are the best ipad monitoring apps on the market today?

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spy on ipad

Do you need ipad spy software to keep an eye on your love ones whether it is your partner, child or spouse? Do you think that you will get all the information you will need by monitoring their ipad? Well no fear, by the end of this review you will know exactly where to go to get your ipad spy software.  You don’t have to be a techie or computer nerd to use this technology however basic skills such as the ability to download and install a program will be essential in implementing this spyware technology. It takes only a few minutes and after that you won’t have to touch that Apple tablet pc again to know what is going on with that piece of equipment.

How does ipad spy software work?

Before purchasing any program you must ensure that the device in question is jailbroken. If it is not then you must jailbreak the ipad yourself before continuing any further. As you may know Apple has placed many restrictions on its hardware to prevent third party programs from being installed onto them. Therefore you will not be able to spy on an ipad unless you release these restrictions. If you need assistance then you should read our article on “how to jailbreak an ipad “.

The whole monitoring process begins with you registering with the spy app in question. On completion of the registration process you will then have to create a personal web account. This involves entering a unique username and password. This web account is essential because all of the data gathered will be sent there for you to review. The next step in the process will be to install the ipad spy app.

You will be given the instructions to do so and it is just a matter of downloading the program onto the ipad and then configuring it to link with the web account which you set up earlier. It may seem like quite a bit but in fact the process will take less than ten minutes to complete. After completion, you will just have to log on to your account to view everything which has been recorded.

What ipad spyware apps are available on the market today?

In terms of ipad spying software you are limited to only one choice which is Peektab presently. The features included with this surveillance app are:

  • Email logging
  • Ipad gps tracking
  • Website (or url) logging
  • Photo and  video recording
  • Contact Log
  • Calendar events capturing
  • imessage spying
  • Email monitoring
  • Notes capturing
  • Apps installed

As you may have realized this can give you quite a bit of information especially the email and gps tracking features. The starting price of Peektab is $29.95USD. If you would like to find out more information about Mobile spy and its ipad spy software features then     .

How To Spy On Ipad

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ipad spySpying on an ipad is pretty simple providing you have the right software for the job. Let’s face it, this tablet PC is slowly but surely replacing the conventional computer. Therefore many communications and activities will take place on it oppose to the person’s computer (if they have one). Therefore if you are suspicious about someone and their main means of communication is through their ipad then it would make sense to spy there seeing it will contain the information you are looking for. It may also be easier to spy on their ipad oppose to cell phone because access maybe readily available.

How to get started spying on ipad?

The first thing you will need is ipad spyware. This small application is actually installed onto the device you are looking to monitor and relays certain communications back to you. The key part is that you must ensure to jailbreak the ipad if that is not already done. If this is not possible then you will have to look for some other means to monitor that person such as spying on their cell phone. On the market today the best ipad spying app is Peektab. It features includes:

  • Tracking the ipad (via gps)
  • Monitoring websites visited
  • Logging calender events
  • Capturing pictures and videos taken by the device
  • Every contact on the device is captured and is updated when a new one is added
  • imessage monitoring
  • email interception
  • Notes capturing

As you may realise these basic features are just enough to discover what is really going on with the person you are monitoring. The gps tracking and imessage features are usually the ones sought after the most. The gps option allows you to know where your child or employee is at all times. For example, if your staff member says that he or she is by a client and it is otherwise then you would know. Imessaging is the new way to send a message on apple products therefore by capturing this messenger service you will be privy to some of the things the person maybe hiding from you when your back is turned. It is then up to you to decide what to do with the information that is gathered by monitoring the ipad communications.

Additional information

The cost of Peektab is between $29.97 and $69.99USD and the price vary depending on the length of time of the subscription chosen. Once the subscription is paid it will be immediately available for instant download to the device and the surveillance can begin.

For more information about how to spy on an ipad with Peektab

Ipad tracker software – What apps can you use to monitor someone’s smart tablet’s location?

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apple tablet pcIf you are looking for an ipad tracker then you should read this short article. Find out what are the apps out there which will allow you to track this Apple tablet pc every movement with the user knowing what is going on.

Ipad tracking apps has been around now for some time. It is used by people to either track their iPad or someone else’s. For those who want to monitor their own Apple tablet it is a good precautionary measure against theft. After all if the thief is using it you will be able to track your ipad movements and this can lead to a recovery of the stolen device. Other people however use it to monitor someone else’s movements. This is usually their partner, employee or kids. Whatever the reason maybe it is usually to discover what this particular person is up to.

It is typically a reactive measure due to suspicions on your part however it can be a very effective method to confirm if your suspicions are true or false. In other words if you are tracking the ipad and the person say he or she is A and the software say otherwise then you are certain something is up.

Can I do other things with tracker software for the ipad?

The answer to that question is absolutely. Usually ipad spy apps do not come with one feature alone.  Therefore you will be able to do certain things such as intercept emails or look at the person’s contact list to name a few. This technology is still in its infant stages so as time passes other features will be added to the list. However, it is currently limited in the meantime but you will be able to gather quite a bit by using the ipad tracker app.

How do I get started?

The first thing you would need to do is to sign up for the software to track the ipad. Currently on the market there is only one app with this capacity and that is Peektab. Once purchased you will just have to install it onto a jail broken ipad and that is it. You will be able to monitor that ipad’s every movement without the user having a clue to what is going on. Other benefits of this program is that it can also be used to track other tablet pcs such as the Blackberry playbook or Android based tablets.

If you would like to find out more about Peektab ipad tracker software then 

Ipad spy apps – Frequently asked questions

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What ipad spy apps are available?

Currently, there is only one which is known as Peektab spy, it has some powerful features such as the ability to track the ipad, intercept emails and more. It can be actually used to monitor other tablet PC such as blackberry playbook and Android based tablets. The price starts at around $29.95 bucks and increases according to the subscription purchase.

If you would like to find out more about this ipad spy app then

Will the person know that they are being monitored?

No, the only way they will know you are spying on their ipad is if you let them know. It is actually your decision to say anything.

Do I have to  jailbreak the ipad to install this type of technology?

Yes, you do but luckily there are excellent ipad jail breaking applications available on the web today. If you would like to find out more about this type of program then .

How does an ipad spy app work?

It is simple you need to register for the application with that you will acquire all the information to install and also a free web profile. Your next step will be to install the spy app onto the device and that is it. Every bit of information captured will be sent to your secure profile. The only thing which you would have to do is to log on to see what is actually going on. The only requirement is that you jailbreak the device prior to installation.

Is spying on an ipad illegal?

Ipad spy apps are legal and can be purchased on the internet however, it can be used for illegal purposes. Monitoring an employee or your children typically has no issues with the law. If you are thinking about spying on a spouse or lover then there maybe legal implications. The best way to find out if you will be on the wrong side of the law by using this surveillance software is to ask a legal professional. This is because laws vary from state to state and also from country to country.

Top rated iphone parental monitoring software – Your guide for keeping track of your child’s iphone

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parental monitoring software for iphoneDue to the increase in popularity of the iphone with teenagers; you are seeing a higher demand for iphone parental monitoring software. These powerful surveillance programs allow the adult to remotely view the iphone activities of their kid’s online. Once it setup the parent would be able to do things such as monitor iphone text messages, whatsapp messages, websites visited and virtually anything else you can think of. The type of features depend on the particular vendor but the trend is the more powerful the features which you have, the more you will be looking to pay.

If you are seriously looking to implement an iphone parental monitoring app then you would have to jailbreak the iphone. This is due to the fact that these programs are not available in the Apple store. A reason for this maybe is due to the fact these programs could be considered an invasion of privacy since it allows a third party to view another’s information without their knowledge. If your child’s iphone is jail broken then it doesn’t matter but if it isn’t then you must consider using an application such as ijailbreaktool to accomplish this task. Once that is covered then you can proceed to choose an app and implement it.

With regards to applications there are a number on the market however one of the preferred programs used for iphone parental control is Mobistealth. This program has a wide range of features including the ability to monitor whatsapp messenger; the iphone location; text messages; websites visited; photos; videos and other activities. The best part is that it offers the user two options in which one is Basic and the other the Pro. Therefore, as a parent you could tailor it to your child’s activities and your pocket where the basic package contains the least amount of features and at the lower cost. The price range for this parental monitoring app is between 40 and 150 bucks depending on the overall package chosen. For more details go to www.mobistealthpro.com.


Another popular program which is also utilized is Mobile spy. It contains similar features to Mobistealth pro with the exception of being able to bug the iphone surroundings. Other than that, the user also has the benefit of being able to monitor up to three devices with one subscription. This makes it affordable for families whose have more that one smart phone which needs to be monitored. If you are interested in finding out more about this iphone parental monitoring app then goto.

Best spy apps for iphone – What software should I choose to monitor the iphone

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iphone spying appSpying on an iphone isn’t as complicated as many persons may make it out to be. It however; require that you acquire an iphone spy app to get the ball on your surveillance rolling. These applications have been available to the public since 2009 and are available for an apple device which has been jailbroken prior to it being setup. Once purchased these monitoring programs are immediately available for download via the web browser of the smart phone. Therefore within a few minutes it would be possible to view quite a bit about the iphone’s usage. This is of course limited by the actual program acquired.

Different spy apps carry different features but some of the most popular functions include iphone tracking; whatsapp spying; sms monitoring; email logging and picture capturing. Overall, many persons find the tracking and whatsapp monitoring features the most useful. The tracker attribute allow the user to pin point the device’s location remotely by utilising a map of the area. Therefore, you would definitely know whether the individual is where he or she is suppose to be or somewhere else.

The second function is also very important in an iphone spy app because whatsapp messenger is becoming used so much in the world today. Instead of carrying on conversations with an individual one on one; the tendency is to utilise this service or other messenger ones to convey the information. As a result the ability to read what was said allow the user of the software to understand a lot about the person.

What software should I consider?

mobistealth software

When dealing with an iphone the first monitoring application which you should take under consideration is Mobistealth. This relatively affordable spy app for iphone smart phone gives the user an option in the level of surveillance by offering both a basic or pro version. As a result there is flexibility in the price to fit any persons pocket. The functions offered by this vendor are the ability to track the iphone, whatsapp messages, text messages, pictures, video, email, website details and contact information. There is also a iphone bugging option which enables the user to listen in on the cell phone surroundings by turning on the mic. If you are considering purchasing this program then you would be looking at a price starting at $39.95USD. If you are interested in finding out more about this iphone spy software then you would definitely need to go to www.mobistealthpro.com.

mobile spy

The second choice we recommend is Mobile spy. It may cost a bit more but the benefits are great. For example it carries the same basic functions as Mobistealth (except for the bugging feature) and more including the capability to control the iphone remotely (e.g. lock the smart phone by using special sms commands) and also spy on social networking activities such as facebook and twitter. What makes this program even more appealing lies in the fact that it can be used to monitor up to three devices. If you are interested in acquiring this iphone spy app you would be looking to pay a price starting at $49.95USD. For further details visit www.mobilespylite.com.

Ikeymonitor review – A must read before purchasing this application to spy on an ipad or iphone

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 ikeymonitor softwareDo you want to know about ikeymonitor? Are you thinking about monitoring an ipad, ipod or iphone secretly? Then take a read of this review to know if this particular software is right for you. As you may have known already, ikeymonitor is an app which when installed onto an ipad or iphone would allow you to track certain communications. There are other programs on the market which offers surveillance of these devices however; presently this is the only software which captures each keystroke typed.  This means discovering passwords and any messages written is quite possible. In addition when it is installed onto the particular device the user would also be able to monitor Whatsapp messenger, sms messages, websites visited and capture screen shots.

How does ikeymonitor works?

This keylogger must be installed onto a jail broken device. Once it has been installed then it could be accessed via Safari in which the configurations could be made. The final step would be to activate your subscription by entering your license key and clicking the register button. Immediately afterwards everything will start to be captured and sent via your delivery option which is either by email or ftp. The program operates hidden in the background which means that no one will be aware that they are being monitored.

In terms of delivery, when you are utilizing the email option ikeymonitor would send the user logs within every user defined time interval. Each log will have a summary of the information captured after the previous log sent and up to 20 screenshots. When it comes to ftp transfer, ikeymonitor allow them to be uploaded in intervals however; there are no restrictions in terms of size and number of screenshots which could be uploaded. In addition to its monitoring features this app could also be used to control the ipad, ipod or iphone remotely. This is an add-on option especially for those who wish to protect their gadgets against theft.

Where do I begin?

In order to use this keylogger you must first to go to the official website. Just to go there right now. From there, simply sign up for a subscription of ikeymonitor. The cost starts at $49.95USD and when you have paid the fee everything would be put into motion. You would then acquire a detail set of instructions in which you would need to follow and the registration key to activate the software.

Samsung galaxy spy – Monitor the communications of the latest Samsung phone including the S3

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samsung galaxy phone monitoringSamsung galaxy spying software is rapidly building up a following as the time goes by. It is one of the most popular smart phones to hit the market with the models being S1, S2 and S3 chronologically. Like with any smart phone monitoring software this particular type of program is used generally to keep track of employees and teenagers. There are many functions which come with this particular type of program. Depending on the brand you could do simple surveillance such as intercepting sms messages or more advance features such as monitoring Whatsapp chat. It varies according to the program and subsequently the cost as well.

Typically you can get an app from around 40 bucks to as much as 200 bucks depending on the functionality and brand. The rule is that the more you want from a Samsung Galaxy spy app then the more you would have to pay. In general people look for two key features when choosing an app to monitor a Samsung cell phone. The first one is the ability to track the location of the mobile. This is especially useful because many parents can keep tabs on their children’s location at all times. This is through gps positioning technology which uses the gps chip embedded in the phone to acquire its coordinates.

The second feature which is of importance is the ability to spy on Whatsapp messenger. Text messaging is the thing of the past and most people are using Whatsapp messenger to communicate with their friends. By viewing this messenger’s chat log it is possible to gain so much about the individual you are monitoring. In this review we will be looking at two popular Samsung spy apps. These are Mobile Spy and Mobistealth.

mobile spy


Features: The ability to intercept Whatsapp chat, text messages, emails, pictures and videos taken, contact details, call history, websites visited, gps details (used for tracking the Samsung’s location) and more. In addition it has control functionality in which the phone could be locked, unlocked or even wipe the mobile remotely.

Special Attributes: The ability to monitor three separate devices with one subscription.

Cost: Starting at $49.99USD

For further details: 



Features: This Samsung galaxy spy is capable of monitoring sms messages; call details; pictures; sim changes; websites; videos; pictures; gps coordinates; phone conversations (listening in on a call) and surroundings (using the mic to listen in on its environment)

Price: Starting at $39.99USD

Details: www.mobistealthpro.com

Tablet monitoring software – The only way to spy on a tablet PC usage

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tablet spy app

Tablet PCs are the next generation in mobile computing. The ipad and Samsung Galaxy has been rapidly eating into the share of the market which was previously held by the desktop and laptop computers. As a result there was a need to develop tablet monitoring software in order to keep a watchful eye on the user. This was especially for the workplace and also at home in which the information about the usage could really come in handy. Employers use it a great deal in order to manage their employees as well as parents who would like to see what their children are really up to. The person would not know you are spying on their tablet, therefore the information gathered would be considered as being authentic.

Tablet monitoring software is pretty straightforward to use in which it must be first installed onto the unit which must be monitored. When dealing with the ipad it must be jail broken otherwise it won’t work because these apps are not available in the apps store presently. After the tablet spy is installed; the application will start to track the mobile pc’s activity. The details collected will then be sent to the software website which stores it in a secure database. Each person who utilizes the app will have their account which is protected by a username and password. In order to view the data gathered it requires the user to enter their security details on the website. From there it will just be a matter of reviewing what was captured.

Now that you have a little bit of information about this technology it is time to take a look at the software available presently on the market. The two recommended on this website are Peektab or ikeymonitor. Peektab is the top program presently when you need to monitor a tablet pc. It is compatible with the ipad and Android based tablets. Its range of features include being able to track the location of the unit, websites visited, photos, calendar events, imessage messenger chat, text messages, calls,  apps installed and notes. When utilizing Peektab generally, there is nothing which would escape the user. The cost for this software starts from $29.97USD and if you would like to find out more then simply .

The next app which is commonly utilized is ikeymonitor. It however only works on the popular ipad. It is more of a keylogger in which it can capture every keystroke typed and in addition websites visited; pasted text; sms messages sent or received; screenshots capturing and passwords. It cost starts at $49.95USD which is a bit more expensive than its competitor. However, the keylogger functionality can truly justify the cost. If you would like to find out more about ikeymonitor then

Iphone keylogger software – What apps on the market can I use to spy on an iphone activities?

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ipad spyAre you interested in purchasing iphone keylogger software? Do you want to spy on a particular iphone’s activities? If the answer is yes to these two questions then make sure to read this guide which pertains to this technology. The first thing you must know is that keylogger software for the iphone does not capture each and every keystroke but definitely certain communications when sent or received. In other words if you do not press the send button the keystrokes typed would not be recorded. Usually this is only necessary if you would like to capture passwords typed but in general most persons are satisfied with reading the inbound and outbound transmissions.

Why use an iphone keylogger?

The main purpose of iphone spy software is to find out the truth about someone. It may be in the form of parental controls for your kids with whom you want to ensure that they are doing the right things. It may be an employee who has a company’s smart phone and you the manager may want to ensure that the individual is not abusing his privileges or is being involved in some form of espionage. Some people even use it as anti theft precaution.

It does not really make a difference in terms of what you use it for but it is a fact that once the keylogger is installed onto the iphone quite a bit will be revealed. It really comes down to what features you are really interested in. That would determine your choice in software.

What software is preferred?

Before considering any iphone keylogger software you must ensure that you jailbreak the device prior to usage. Otherwise it will be of no use to you. Presently the two best options which you have for this smart phone is Mobile Spy and Mobistealth.

mobile spy app

In general Mobile spy is your first choice because it really offers the best bang for buck. This lies in the fact that it allows the user to spy on three separate mobile devices with one subscription and in addition when the annual subscription is purchased you will acquire Sniperspy. For those who do not know this is a computer monitoring program which can track either a Mac or Windows based PC.

That aside Mobile spy offer a range of features including the ability to monitor sms messages, Whatsapp chat, imessages, emails, calendar events, website activity, photos and videos taken, apps installed, facebook, twitter, contacts and gps positioning. In all there is really nothing which will be able to escape from this app once installed. In terms of cost you will be looking at paying at least $49.95US for a subscription. For further details on this iphone keylogger

mobistealth pro

The second choice which is Mobistealth is not that far from its competitor in terms of features. Its features include the ability to track text messages, emails, Whatsapp messenger chat, videos, call history, contact details, websites browsed and gps location. Mobistealth may not have as much features as it competitor but it comes at a reduce price starting at $39.95USD. If you want to find out more about this iphone spy app then visit http://mobistealthpro.com

Imessage spying apps – Learn how to read imessage conversations secretly

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Imessage spy software is an excellent tool to monitor an iphone or ipad user’s communications. This is because the imessage system has slowly been phasing out the sms one between apple and other users. As a result more persons are sending their confidential information across this medium. Therefore if you would like to keep tabs on someone like your teenager who utilizes an ipad or iphone extensively, then you need to have an open window to this type of communications. Could you imagine what could be discovered by just secretly reading those conversations? From there you could easily act on the information accordingly to address your concerns without the person knowing how you got that information.

Although we are talking about imessage spy software, do not be fooled because these programs are not restricted to just this one function. In fact there is quite a bit more which can be done with these apple smart devices such as tracking, email interception, contact details etc. It really comes down to the device which you would like to monitor and the vendor chosen. In this review we will be looking at two apps which could be used to monitor imessage chat. Their names are Mobile spy and Peektab respectively.

Mobile spy is an smart phone monitoring application only. It is capable of spying on imessage transmissions and then forwarding them onto the user of the program. This popular product could also be used to:

  • Intercept text messages
  • Track the iphone
  • Read twitter and facebook chat
  • Capture videos or photos taken
  • Monitor emails sent or received by the iphone
  • Log calls made or received
  • Log all websites visited
  • Full contact details
  • Application blocking
  • Remote control (wipe, lock or shutdown smart device by using special sms commands)
  • Gps tracking of the device

From this list of additional attributes it can be clearly seen why many persons are using this product to keep tabs on their love ones. This is because if you don’t acquire the details you wish by monitoring their imessages then it could be obtained elsewhere. The cost of this product starts at $49.95 USD. If you would like to find out more details then simply

The next program we will look at is Peektab. This app will work only on the ipad. It features include logging of contacts information, Notes, emails, photos, gps locations, calendar events and apps installed. It cost around 30 bucks for its subscription and right now is the top table monitoring program on the market today. For further details on Peektab 

Peektab review – Everything which you would like to know about this Tablet monitoring application

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In terms of tablet monitoring software, Peektab is the best you will find around presently. Its implementation is pretty simple. As the user you would need to install it onto the device which you wish to monitor first. This will take a few minutes to accomplish and when it is activated, Peektab will start to log certain information about the tablet and send it to the user’s internet surveillance account. This means that to view the data recorded the person will need to log on to the account with their security code. From there he or she will be able to sort, search and retrieve the data and they deem fit.

It is really nothing simpler than this and the benefit of doing everything online is that the user would never have to touch the device to know what is going on. Presently, Peektab could be used to monitor the ipad, Blackberry playbook and Android based tablet PCs

Peektab review: What are its features?

When this software is setup to monitor a particular tablet it will allow the user to spy on:

  • Websites visited
  • Gps locations
  • Contact details
  • Photos
  • Calendar events
  • Apps installed
  • Photos taken
  • Imessage chat conversations (ipad only)
  • Emails (ipad only)

As you can view in the list, this software captures quite a bit of information about the person which is being monitored. The most effective features being the imessage spy, photo capturing and tablet tracking functionality. The favorite however, for most persons is the ability to track the location of the tablet because if the person. In that way you would know if he or she is somewhere they should not be.

How do I get started?

The only thing required to use this program is to . Once you have signed up and paid the subscription fee then Peektab will be available for instant download. The cost starts at $29.97USD however for our readers we will be giving them an opportunity to save 25% off the purchase. When in the buy now page enter the coupon code spymonitor25 and click refresh. Instantly you will receive your savings. (see the screenshot below)

Ipad tracking – How to track an ipad to discover where someone is located at all time

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ipad tracker

Do you want to know how to track an ipad? Do you suspect your partner is cheating on you or your employee is abusing their privileges? Well if the person travels with their Apple ipad constantly it is possible to monitor their movements by installing a special app onto their Apple tablet pc. This app is known as ipad spyware or spy software. It typically hides itself in the program list of the tablet pc and then it will secretly start to gather data concerning the particular device.

When you are ready to track the ipad or view details about the data collected you will have to log on to your special user account with your security details. This is all online therefore you will be able to access the location of the ipad anywhere or anytime providing you have internet access and a web browser. This would mean that you can be out of town and you will still know where that particular device goes.

Why would you want to use an ipad tracker?

Different people have different reasons for using ipad tracking software for instance a parent may want to keep an eye on their child’s whereabouts. If your child has this type of table pc and carries it where ever he or she goes then using a tracker program is a good way to monitor their movements. This means if your child says he is at school and the software says otherwise you would be in the know.

You may even be able to go to where he or she is and confront them about the situation. Another reason why someone would want to track an ipad is to keep an eye on their partner or employee. Whatever the reason may be it is usually to find out the truth about the situation that they are in.

What software can I use?

In terms of spy software to track an ipad your only choice currently is Peektab. It is a small inexpensive program which you can install onto the ipad in question. It does not only have tracking functionality but it will monitor other activities such as emails, contact details, imessages etc. You will learn everything which you would need to know about the person targeted. The best part is that it allows you to monitor other tablet pcs such as Android based and the Blackberry playbook.

For more information Peektab ipad tracking software